Time Frame:

Processing time from beginning to end will vary. The actual laboratory process can take up to two days due to lengthy thermocycling and then additional days will be required for primer design, primer shipments, and data analysis.

Please contact us to discuss initial account set-up, primer designs, final costs, and complete time frame. Also, please contact us if you are interested in SNP analysis using MassARRAY Discovery apart from iPLEX applications.

We provide genotyping service from Monday to Friday. Results are available electronically.


Some of the many advantages of using this technique are:


The MassARRAY SNP Multiplex Genotyping method is ideal for investigating 24-36 possible SNPs on hundreds to thousands of patients' DNA samples. The process begins with a list of SNP sequences submitted for design to MassARRAY software. Amplicons between 80-120bp are targeted, and PCR and extension primers are designed providing the best primer sequences following strict design guidelines. Once primer designs are determined, they can be synthesized. All iPLEX primer concentrations are adjusted to ensure that multiple SNP allele peaks can be resolved on the MALDI-TOF spectra.

The iPLEX high-multiplexing SNP genotyping laboratory procedure for given DNA samples in 384-well microplate format:

The final products, DNA solution containing unextended primers and multiplexed SNPs, are dispensed from the 384-well microplate onto a 384-pad silicon microchip using the MassARRAY nanodispenser. The mass of each SNP allele is detected on the MassARRAY Compact MALDI-TOF (Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization - Time of Flight) mass spectrometer, and the results are analyzed with MassARRAY Typer 4 software.

Genomic DNA Preparation

Minimum Number of DNA Samples

We request that you send us more than 96 samples per order.

SNP Sequence File

Creating a SNP Group File