Sequencing Prices:

Please note our new price list. This change will be effective June 26th, 2016.

Sequencing price policy for
Sequence4.00$ CND
Sequence - 384 samples and more*3.50$ CND
Sequence with betaine5.50$ CND
Sequence + primer synthesis9.00$ CND
Sequence + primer synthesis + primer design16.00$ CND
PCR reaction + sequence**5.00$ CND
PCR reaction + sequence - 384 samples and more*4.25$ CND
Design + primer synthesis12.00$ CND
Primer synthesis, 25 bp and less5.00$ CND
Primer synthesis, 26 bp and more10.00$ CND
* Per 4-week financial period (CHU)
**A minimal number of samples is required. Please contact us for more details.

N.B.: Tenders available upon request for:
  • Private companies
  • Very high throughput quantities
  • Genotyping services

Sequenom Prices:

On request.

Microsatellite Prices:

On request.


Financial Calendar:

Financial period calendar for 2016-2017
Period numberPeriod beginning onPeriod ending onNumber of days in periodFund transfer date
1April 1st 2016April 30th30April 4th
2May 1stMay 28th28June 1st
3May 29thJune 25th28June 29th
4June 26thJuly 23th28July 27th
5July 24thAugust 20th28August 24th
6August 21stSeptember 17th28September 21st
7September 18thOctober 15th28October 19th
8October 16thNovember 12th28November 16th
9November 13thDecember 10th28December 14th
10December 11thJanuary 7th 201728January 11th 2017
11January 8th 2017February 4th28February 8th
12February 5thMarch 4th28March 8th
13March 5thMarch 31st27April 5th