The "Plateforme de Séquençage et de Génotypage des Génomes" is proud to announce a significant decrease in pricing for its DNA sequencing service.

Since one week, all academic customers will pay a unique price of $3,75 per sequence. Furthermore, no distinction will be made regarding the number of sequences performed per period.

The new pricing is valid since May 27th, 2007.

For large scale projects, we will gladly prepare quotes reflecting the specific needs of the project.


Variation in copy number in the human genome ...

Consult the new on the Web site of Radio-Canada: Pareils, mais tellement différents

Consult the article published in the Nauture magazine: Global variation in copy number in the human genome


The Web site is now accessible in English.


The CRCHUL Plateforme de Séquençage et de Génotypage des Génomes has recently acquired the Sequenom MassARRAY platform thanks to the funding from CFI (Canada Foundation for Innovation) and MSSS (Québec). This technology provides a means of genotyping SNPs by mass spectrometry for projects requiring moderate to high throughput. When up to 28 SNP assays are multiplexed per reaction, the costs will be equivalent to the price of one sequencing reaction. Using this new platform will allow rapid genotyping of thousands of SNPs at a much lower cost compared to sequencing.


Thanks to funding from CFI (Canada) and MSSS (Québec), we have obtained four new Janus automatic pipetting stations manufactured by Perkin Elmer. These stations have dual-pipetting arms coupled with Victor microplate readers which will enable us to increase our throughput. The Janus platforms will be installed in our new Genomic Center at the beginning of 2007.


The sequencing and genotyping platform is proud to announce the official launching of its new Web site. It will post information about the various services that we provide as well as links to our database to place your orders.


As part of the CFI's Leading Edge Fund, the sequencing and genotyping platform is currently submitting a request for a new, more advanced workstation that will reduce operation costs.